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Biñan City Museum and Studies Center

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The Sentrong Pangkultura ng Biñan is located at the heart of the town plaza. It houses the Biñan City Museum, Biñan City Studies Center and the Biñan City Culture, History, Arts and Tourism Office. Prior to being the City’s Cultural Center, the structure became the Casa Hacienda of the friars during the Spanish regime, a school during the American times and a municipal hall in the 1940s until 2010.



The Biñan City Museum is located inside the Sentrong Pangkultura ng Biñan (Old Municipal Building). The structure was constructed in the 17th century by the Dominican friars to be the Casa Real/ Hacienda de Biñan/ Bahay Asyenda. It later became the main building of the Biñan Elementary School during the American Regime. In 1954, it was officially acquired by the Municipal Government of Biñan to be the town’s Municipal Hall. In 2014, it was restored to become the city’s Library and Museum after the completion of the new Biñan City Hall.

The Biñan City Museum has 3 galleries primarily composed of objects, photographs and narratives that exhibit Biñan’s (1) history, (2) built heritages, and (3) various personages and intangible cultural heritage.


Mayor’s Hall is a gallery dedicated to the former Mayors of Biñan which exhibits their portraits and memorabilia.

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