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Chinpracha House

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Chinpracha House (Baan Chinpracha) is one of the most beautiful mansions in Phuket spread all around Phuket Town. Some of these superb Sino-Portuguese style houses are abandoned, and in bad condition, some have been renovated, but Chinpracha House is somehow unique, and in its original condition. It can be visited for 150 baht and has a certain old-fashioned charm and atmosphere that may be worth having a look. Don’t expect a big display as it is somewhat halfway between a museum and a collection of personal items gathered along time.

The house was built in 1903 by Pratipak Chinpracha, a family originating from the Fujian region of China and migrated to Phuket at the time of tin mining. This type of architecture was called ‘Angmor Lounge style’ by Phuket people at this time, and the house was also featured in few movies such as ‘Heaven and Earth’ and ‘Young Indiana Jones’.

Only the lower floor of the house is open to the public as the second floor cannot be visited. The owners still occupy it, and if you walk to the back of the house you will notice that the upper floor is a rather bad condition.

Source: https://www.phuket101.net/baan-chinpracha/

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